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Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests

Developmental Genetics
Genetics & Genomics
Genetics & Models of Human Disease


Developmental Genetics

Baker, Kristian : Studying regulation of gene expression at the level of mRNA translation and degradation. Recent efforts are focused on RNA quality control and how cells protect themselves by identifying and targeting faulty mRNA for rapid destruction.
Conlon, Ronald : Gene editing and developmental genetics in mice.
Harte, Peter : Epigenetic silencing mechanisms, chromatin structure and transcription.
Li, Yan : Stem cell biology; Epigenomics; Transcription regulation by enhancers
Lou, Hua : Regulated alternative pre-mRNA splicing in mammals
Runge, Kurt : Yeast as model for the mechanisms of telomere function, regulation of the DNA damage response and the role of quiescent cell survival in lifespan and aging.
Salz, Helen : Understanding the genetic differences between males and females
Tesar, Paul : Stem cell pluripotency and differentiation; developmental neurobiology, glia, remyelination, high throughput screening, therapeutic development

Genetics & Genomics

Harris, Ann : Functional genomics of human epithelia; Regulation of CFTR gene expression.
Jin, Fulai : Transcriptional regulation; epigenomics; 3D genome architecture; Single cell genomics
LaFramboise, Thomas : Cancer genomics; cancer genetics; computational biology
Scacheri, Peter : Genomics of cancer and other human diseases with underlying defects in chromatin structure and function

Genetics & Models of Human Disease

Buchner, David : Using forward genetic approaches to discover the genetic and molecular basis of endocrine disorders including reproduction and fertility, growth, and metabolism
Khalil, Ahmad : Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation by non-coding RNAs in human health and disease
Leir, Shih-Hsing : Interests involve investigating molecular mechanisms that maintain normal epithelial functions in human airway and epididymis.
Luo, Guangbin : Modeling human cancer in mice.
Matthews, Anne : Genetic counseling; clinical issues in genetic testing and counseling
Miranda, Helen : Contributions of multiple cell types to neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders using patient derived stem cell modeling
Mitchell, Anna : Genetics of connective tissue disorders
Schaffer, Ashleigh : Gene discovery and disease mechanisms of inherited pediatric neurodegeneration
Wang, Zhenghe : Role of kinases and phosphatases mutations in cancer development, Cancer Genetics
Wynshaw-Boris, Anthony : Pathophysiology and Therapies of Human Neurogenetic Diseases