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  • Tesar Lab Develops New Methods to More Efficiently Generate Brain Stem Cells

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  • Ahmad Khalil, PhD, Receives NIH Funding to Develop New Paradigm in Fight against Colorectal Cancer

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  • Five questions with professor and genetics researcher Anthony Wynshaw-Boris

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  • Congratulations to Jey Sabith Ebron (Harris Lab), was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Title: Investigating the regulatory role of ELF5 in the 11p13 CF modifier region.

  • Congratulations to Angela Lager (now Assistant Professor at The Univ. of Chicago) and the Tesar Lab on their paper published in Nature Communications

  • Congratulations to Dr. Anthony Wynshaw-Boris for his election as President-elect of ASHG!

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  • Congratulations to Matthew Elitt, Tesar Lab, and collaborators for their paper published in Stem Cell Reports

  • Congratulations to Kass Johnson for being awarded a position on the Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) T32 Training Grant!

  • Congratulations to the Schaffer Lab for their paper published in Nature Genetics

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  • Congratulations to Zita Hubler & Dharma Allimuthu and the Adams & Tesar labs on their paper published in Nature

  • Congratulations to Mayur Madhavan & Zach Nevin and the Tesar lab on their paper published in Nature Methods

  • Congratulations to Dr. Yiqing Zhao for winning the AACR-Aflac scholar-in-training award!

  • Celebrating the collaboration with Stand UP to Cancer and the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Katie Couric moderates the panel of esteemed cancer researchers, which included Zhenghe John Wang, PhD. from the Genetics and Genome Sciences.  

  • Congratulations to Dr. Drew Adams for his appointment to the Thomas F. Peterson, Jr. Professorship in Cancer and Energy Research!  


The mission of our faculty is to improve human health through the pursuit of cutting edge genetics and genomics research and by training the next generation of scientists. Their research interests include epigenetics, neurogenetics, stem cell biology, chemical genomics, developmental genetics, metabolic disorders, and cancer genetics.
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Ph.D. Program

The goal of the Genetics graduate program is to train the next generation of geneticists who have extensive knowledge and expertise in many areas of modern genetics, genomics and biomedical research, and who use this training to pursue careers in basic and applied research in academia and industry, teaching, healthcare, publishing, foundations and government, and other areas of leadership in the public and private sectors.
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Genetic Counseling Program

The mission of the Genetic Counseling Training Program is to prepare students for the ongoing practice of genetic counseling in the rapidly changing healthcare environment of the 21st century.
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